Question -  
How to print Drawings to A3 or A4 size?

Note:  In Revit, it would not be possible to ‘window’ the portion of drawing view to print in the print dialogue box ..  like what we do in Autocad.

In Revit, before clicking on the ‘Print’ command, zoom ‘window’ to the portion of drawing view you wish to print ..  Then proceed with steps below -

1.  Go to File =>  Print

2.  Select ‘Name’ for Printer ..  Change settings in ‘Properties’ of printed, as required.

3.  Under ‘Print Range’, check ‘Visible Portion of Current Window’.

4.  Under ‘Settings’, click ‘Setup’ ..

5.  Select ‘Size’ for Paper

6.  Set ‘Paper Placement’ (e.g centre ..)

7.  Under ‘Zoom’, check either ‘Fit to Page’ or ‘Zoom’


Fit To Page -  i.e.  Print Not to Scale

Zoom (100%) -  i.e.  Print scale base on drawing view scale in revit.

8.  Under ‘Appearance’, set ‘Raster Quality’ and ‘Colors’ (e.g. black lines)

9.  Click ‘OK’ ..  then preview before print.